Oh my

2009-10-16 01:05:48 by XXHaruka

Hahah what did you think I would put?
Ah anything comes to mind
I will never have flash, And when I do
I will never learn how to use it
Atleast I can draw pictures. Yay >w<a nd roleplay
And voice act >:3
Maybe I can audition for voice actings IN flashes.
But who would want me? How to voice actors get good reconition on here
(I cant spell)

Power is what Haru likes~



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2009-10-16 01:09:13

well that was random.
now if you excuse me i have a book to write. youshould read it, might kill your boredom


2009-10-16 01:54:07

Might I point out these two threads? Yes? No? I'm going to do it anyway . . .

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Enjoy life.