New Artwork Up

2010-04-25 15:25:45 by XXHaruka

Make sure to check my new artwork that is up!

Also see ALL of my artowrk here


2010-01-06 22:19:37 by XXHaruka

I like posting artwork on newgrounds
But I hope people notice it atleast
This is a fun website for nearly anything and everything!!
So everyone, Go by and see my artwork please >w<

Oh my

2009-10-16 01:05:48 by XXHaruka

Hahah what did you think I would put?
Ah anything comes to mind
I will never have flash, And when I do
I will never learn how to use it
Atleast I can draw pictures. Yay >w<a nd roleplay
And voice act >:3
Maybe I can audition for voice actings IN flashes.
But who would want me? How to voice actors get good reconition on here
(I cant spell)

Power is what Haru likes~


hmm bored

2008-02-03 19:17:55 by XXHaruka

Hmm... quite bored.
I finally got flash.. woot
anyway... No one is even reading this so i dont care 8D